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LFD Integrated LE V

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LFD Integrated LE V

Dr.Richard Bews,proprietor of LFD Electronics has once again upgraded his and Dr.Malcolm O.Hawksford’s original integrated amplifier,the 65 Wpc perennial ST favorite,owing to its complete lack of convenience or”luxury” features that degrade sound and add expense.To those ends,all iterations of LFD’s solid state amp lacked balance and tone controls,headphone jacks,extraof speaker outputs,digital displays,and,especially,remote controls.The LE which Dr.Bews builds in small batches,provides five line-level inputs(but no phono section),and is made with only the highest quality parts,some vintage(NOS),some custom- made.According to Sam Tellig,the new LE V-whose improvements all seem to arise from a combination of sturdier casework and more refined parts-“is a showstopper.I mean that literally,I didn’t want to write,I wanted to listen”.Compared tot he LE IV,which ST owns and loves,theLE V represents”a substantial improvement.Everything just fit into place,harmonics,timing,resolution.”Quoth he.”BUY YOUR LE V TODAY!”

(Stereophile vol 37 nr 7)

( Retail price USA $4495)

now: 2995