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CREEK EVOLUTION 100A integrated amplifier

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The top- of- the- line amp from UK- based Creek, the new Evolution 100 A Integrated operates in class G., a pair of Sanken Darlington transistors, biased for class A/B do the honors up to 25W/ch, beyond which an additional pair of transistors kicks in, for 110W/ch total into 8 ohms. Of its five line-level inputs (RCA), one can also be addressed as balanced (XLR), while any of the remaining four can be upgraded with plug- in DAC, AM/FM tuner and phono stage modules. HR enjoyed using the Creek’s Ambit tuner(250$), and praised
the “clean, open, extended highs” of the amp’s optional Ruby DAC module(599$), which handles 24 bit/192kHz inputs via its coax and Toslink S/PDIF inputs, and 24/96 via USB-though he felt the merely ”good” Sequel Mk2 moving-magnet phono-stage module(200$), wasn’t up the DAC’s level of quality. Considering the 100 A’s amplification talents, HR praised it for playing a great variety of music in a “straightforward exciting, satisfying way”. Apart from some front-panel control glitches that might have been specific to ”this well-traveled review sample.” JA found that the Evolution ”measured quite well.”
(Stereophile vol.38 nr 7)

Available in Black or Silver