Acon A1334 active loudspeaker
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Acon A1334 actieve luidsprekers

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Models ACON A1134/A1334 are a three way active floor-standing speaker systems with the built-in power amplifiers and active crossover with 24 dB / octave slope. The low frequency response is extended down to 25 Hz (-3dB) by using an electronic Linkwitz type correction circuit. This speaker systems are based on the professional monitoring system ACON 1034MF. They are designed for use in the middle spacious rooms in ambitious home HiFi and Hi-End applications. Precise selection of drivers, phase-corrected crossover, perfect phase and delay uniformity at the crossover frequencies, high-quality MOS-FET power amplifier for each driver, sophisticated protection circuitry promise high output, low coloration, broad bandwidth and longterm reliability of the A1134/A1334 speaker systems. The only difference between both systems is in the diameter of woofer and enclosure volume. All electronic circuitry together with the toroidal power transformer are located in the lower part of the speaker enclosure, power-amp heatsinks are mounted to the rear to ensure long term reliability. The hand crafted and finished enclosure is made of 30mm thick MDF, coated by real wood veneer. A number of veneer types are available. As an accessories the four spikes and pads are delivered.