A World ‘First’, and Exclusive

For a number of years now, New Sound Center has been co-ordinating a 100%-European project bringing together, among others, LFD Audio (an Essex University spin-off, GB) and colleagues connected to the Max Planck Institute (Cologne, Germany).

Why this collaboration with the absolute cream of sound-reproduction scientists?

Because New Sound Center business is not about selling one or other ‘brand’, but about

providing our customers with the best possible listening experience.

It is collaboration that has borne jaw-dropping and eye-popping fruit.

Previously, with the equipment (Hi-Fi Stereo and High-End) on the market, achieving a natural sound-picture recognizable to the senses as musical and true to life was out of the question.

Now, though, our project is producing equipment that is not only breaking the mould,

but shattering it.

For the first time, we can revel in 3-D, holographic, authentic and natural to the ear,

musical – yes, musical – sound reproduction.

What a boost to our auditive memory!

A listening experience comparable to being physically present at the actual recording.


Everyone who has already luxuriated in this with us here in this tiny corner of Flanders speaks of a totally new musical experience and adventure – a listening revolution.

And it’s ready and waiting to be brought into your own living-room!

(Oh, yes, and at a price much, much lower than you would normally expect.)

Fancy having your senses ravished?

Just call us on 054 339816 or 0479 369462 to reserve your listening session – no strings attached.

Revolutionizing the listening experience