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Unless you’ve been through our doors recently, it’s pretty certain that

you’ll never have experienced anything approaching the like of what we are currently offering here exclusively at New Sound Center for both living-room and studio …

 to tell the truth, we hadn’t either up to some months back!

Virtual Musical Reality

Authentic, 3-D, holographic, natural-to-the-ear, musical sound reproduction

“To measure is to know” is an often used mantra of argument or of proof in test reports.

But think a moment. Our ears and brain are daily confronted with natural sounds (voices, bird song, musical instruments, etc.) – quite simply, we are attuned to them and recognize them as natural and pleasing. Alas that there has never been any equipment able to reproduce a sound recording on no matter what carrier in a natural-to-the-ear and authentic manner.

Never, that is, until now!

Come and revel in this exclusive world first with us – revolutionize your listening experience!

Simply call 00 32 479 369462 and reserve your listening session.

New Sound Center, Ninove, Belgium

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