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New Sound Center: not just a Hifi Shop

Discover Virtual Musical Reality

Forget such concepts as “High-Fi Stereo” and “High-End”.

A new era is upon us, one of

-three-dimensional, room-filling, natural-sounding, holographic music reproduction for the living-room and the studio-

 With the equipment we are now offering at NEW SOUND CENTER, you can listen  to music that never before sounded so splendid, natural, pleasing, moving, human and gripping.

An extraordinary breakthrough

At last, everything recorded on an LP or CD can now be heard.
At last, the true sound of a voice or instrument is revealed to the listener.

Buddy Holly, Elvis Presley, Roy Orbison, John Lennon, Leonard Cohen and the like never had the opportunity to experience such sound, but you have …. grab it!

This equipment incorporates totally new insights and techniques based on the pioneering research of, among others, Dr. Volker Bajorat (the Stephen Hawking of our branch) and Dr. Richard Bews (builder of the LFD amplifiers, the most musical in the world).

Coupled with the most musical- and natural-sounding loudspeakers currently available (Fischer&Fischer), it provides an unprecedented listening experience a real and unmistakeable first.

And “yes”, to sample that listening experience you need to be NOT in New York, London, Paris, Tokyo, Amsterdam, Antwerp or Brussels, BUT in the small Flanders town of Ninove.

A further fact to note about us is that we have succeeded in boosting the quality of the most esteemed studio monitors in the world (from ME Geithain) to a never previously achieved level.

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The number to call for an appointment is:Soundcenter Hifi Business

+32 54/339816
+32 479/369462

Or you can send us an email: info@soundcenter.be

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