New Sound Center

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New Sound Center

LFD NCSE II Gold Signature
5 min 5 yrs

(Nederlands) Musical High-End

Go on! Be honest ….. What wouldn’t you give for a seat in the recording studio listening live to the likes of Elvis Presley, Bob Dylan, Leonard Cohen, The Rolling Stones and The Beatles? The chances of that are now, of course, pretty much non-existent […]

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LFD NCSE audio hifi versterker
11 min 5 yrs

LFD “Gold Signature”

R)Evolution in the High-End scene! THE GENESIS OF THE “GOLD SIGNATURE” SERIES OF LFD AMPLIFIERS Our literally trail-blazing, Gold Signature project centres on the LFD Integrated LE V and Integrated NCSE II, two amplifiers more than deservedly classified among the “Best Amplifiers in the World” […]

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