LFD NCSE audio hifi versterker

R)Evolution in the High-End scene!


Our literally trail-blazing, Gold Signature project centres on the LFD Integrated LE V and Integrated NCSE II, two amplifiers more than deservedly classified among the “Best Amplifiers in the World” (Class A Stereophile). These we have had subjected to a process of tweaking and upgrading in Germany by most probably the world’s most talented “High-End doctor”, with whom we’ve been working for more than twenty years.

 The result is simply and quite literally a staggering quality of sound, way beyond all current experience.

LFD saw the light of day thirty years ago as a spin-off of the co-operation at the University of Essex between Professor Malcolm Omar Hawksford (a celebrated expert in the audio field, who, in his highly interesting articles and readings, went deeply into technicality, as well as into aspects that are unmeasurable, but that our hearing can register) and Dr. Richard Bews (perhaps his most brilliant student). Right from the outset, the products that were marketed were able to count on more than normal interest. Indeed, people who have taken the trouble to make an auditory comparison of them with many times more expensive domestic and foreign competitors have noted that LFD amplifiers offer a seldom heard sound-picture at an affordable price – many a musician and fervent music-lover familiar with virtually all top class amplifiers has opted for LFD!

LFD Audio Gold Signature New SoundcenterBesides three types of integrated amplifier, three pre- and power-amplifiers, three phono-amplifiers and two D/A converters, Richard Bews also manufactures interlinks and loudspeaker cables. The outstanding bestsellers have always been the Integrated LEs (I, II, III, IV, V and Silver Signature) and the NCSEs (I and II). What this has ultimately led to, thanks to our contacts in Germany and elsewhere, is this awe-inspiring “Gold Signature” series, which has opened up an entirely new world in listening experience, particularly for us – something we never thought possible.

Those who have already heard these amplifiers in action are lost in wonderment, wildly enthusiastic, left with tingling spines, moved to tears, almost disbelieving what their ears are telling them – the long and the short of it is that everyone wants to have one. With these amplifiers, good loudspeakers become super loudspeakers; the sound spectrum is extended both upwards and downwards (with the bonus of a unique, controlled bass response). The holographic, three-dimensional picture that is created is no less than spectacular. It seems as though the artistes are present in the listening space – one hears them breathing, not a single nuance is lost. In terms of details, we are now surely hearing everything that is on a CD or LP.

The “Gold Signature” new world of sound is available uniquely from New Sound Center (Belgium), the exclusive distributor. It is this outlet’s modest (dare we say) proprietor who has created the bridge between LFD (UK) and our High-End doctor (Germany), and who has co-ordinated the coalescing of their twice 30 years’ worth of expertise and experience at the very top of their fields.