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It’s a virtual racing certainty.
Nowhere will you hear more natural and musical

 than at

         1) from no matter what music carrier;
         2) on no matter what music-reproduction installation;
         3) no matter what budget you might have in mind.

         Three points worth considering, don’t you think?


Years of casting around, discovering, testing and listening to combination after combination of countless pieces of apparatus – from the comfortably affordable to the painfully expensive – allow us to feel that we’re pretty well placed to debunk a few myths.

The prime myth is “the more expensive, the better”.
Alas, the reverse is often the case. It is not because you have opted for – literally and metaphorically – “weightier” amplifiers that you are guaranteed a better sound.

Other  myths are “the more loudspeakers per box or the more expensive the box, the better”; “the thicker and more expensive the wiring, the  better”. Simply not true.

Always remember that the design label or design beauty – however seductive – is no guarantee of a better sound.  ..… disappointment on this score is widespread! Moreover, the “big” names and labels do not necessarily produce the most musical apparatus.

And never forget that the specialist publications share common cause with the manufacturers. Much of the time spent perusing those publications could be better spent on actual, comparative, listening sessions ….. which is where NEW SOUND CENTER – the place to be – comes in!

Here, we’ve made a point of organizing such sessions, running amplifiers costing between 20,000 and 60,000 euros against our LFD amplifiers (costing from 3000 to 5000 euros). Blind-testing has shown the choice invariably falling on the LFDs.


(Without necessarily making the claim, of course, but could it be that NEW SOUND CENTER in Ninove has become the most exclusive High-End outlet in the world?)


Drop by for a session and experience the new,
High-End Musical Reality
for yourself!
We’d be honoured.