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Soundcenter History

The NEW SOUND CENTER story so far …..

1970 The first steps in what has been a constant quest to find the most musical-sounding hi-fi equipment at affordable prices, starting off with the assembly and sale of Sinclair amplifiers, coupled with the legendary Wharfedale loudspeakers (both from the UK).

1974 The official start-up of SOUND CENTER in Lierde-Deftinge, which saw us adding a whole range of big names to our stock selection, including:
Lenco, Rotel, Koss, Hirschmann, Isophon, Empire, Gale, Jensen, Shure, Klipsch, Goodmans, Pickering, Kef,, Sennheiser, Dual, Thorens, McIntosh, HarmannKardon, Advent, Marantz, Scott, Onkyo, Sony, Pioneer, Elac, Cerwin Vega, Luxman, A.R., Monarch, Jef Rowland and YBA.

1977 The opening of Audio-TV-Video, a specialist outlet in Oudenaarde.

1979 The launching of SOUND CENTER in Ninove.

1983 The beginning of a continuing tradition of virtually every year introducing one or more outstanding trade lines into Belgium, one of which – the Castle loudspeakers from the UK – twice gained the “Best Buy” award with the Castle Tyne model (“The only loudspeakers perfectly reproducing various frequencies” and “Very good basses”).

Next came JDI Electronics (phenomenally musical equipment and just about affordable, UK), Totem (Canada) and ATC (studio monitors, UK),
and then …LFD, a range of amplifiers developed from research conducted at the University of Essex by Prof Malcolm Hawksford and Dr. Richard Bews, that still continues to offer the very best in musical sound reproduction, besides being eminently affordable and commanding substantial resale value.

These were followed by Heil-AMT (loudspeakers from Switzerland), HGP (top class loudspeakers from Germany) and Symphonic Line (a full range of electronic equipment, likewise from Germany). The bar was again raised when, in 1999, we began with Musikelectronic Geithain, a company that has built up a world-wide reputation with its reference monitors. (Believe it or not, there’s nowhere around the globe where they sound more precise and musical than here!) Also from Germany were Trigon (Kassel), Audiodata (top-class loudspeakers from Aachen) and Audionet (uncompromising equipment from Bochum). From Slovakia came Acon (active monitors from Bratislava), and we also tested the market with Brocksieper (top class), Gruensch (super equipment from Germany) and Moll Audio (Saarland), all exemplary and very soundly built.

2004 marked the start of our distribution of electronic equipment modified or fine-tuned by Dr. Volker Bajorat (various names, including Clockwork C37). The following year – as if we didn’t have enough on our plate – proved to be busier than ever and saw us taking on Creek Audio (UK), Tannoy ‘Prestige’ loudspeakers, Vivid Audio loudspeakers (designed by Laurence Dickie, who also designed the Nautilus for B&W), Dartzeel (Switzerland) and Eclipse (Japan), producer of the best ‘nearfield’ monitors on the market.

In 2006, we sold a couple of ASR Emitteril Exclusive amplifiers – just what you need if you want your music loud!
Further names, added in 2007, were Finitus (Germany), with pre-amps designed by Bert Gerlach who, together with Andreas Koch (top digital designer of, among others, the DSD technology) – and under the name Playback Design – produces top electronic equipment for the market. For a time, we also distributed Thöress (a complete range of valve amplifiers from
Aachen). Clockwork C37 modified loudspeakers are still a runaway success and Elac products are still highly appreciated.

A feature of 2009 was the roaring success of the Esoteric MG 10 and MG 20 models, which led to our buying up the entire stock of Europe and Japan; these were limited editions, produced to mark the company’s 25th anniversary, and can no longer be had new.

2010 saw the start of our distributorship of Harbeth loudspeakers (UK) and the addition of, among others, Devialet (France). These names were followed in 2012 by YG Acoustics (USA). A couple of other names that we introduced into Belgium 15 or so years ago (and that we almost forgot) are A-Capella and Avantegarde (both from Germany).

That more or less brings us to the present day, a time of golden sound here at NEW SOUND CENTER, where we are achieving an unheard of level of musical sound reproduction with the coupling of slate loudspeakers from Fischer&Fischer (Germany) and the range of amplifiers from LFDone hearing and you’ll be reaching for your wallet!

On the basis of what we heard at this year’s ‘High-End’ Fair in Munich, as well as of our 48 years of experience in the business, we feel more than safe in saying that, with our ground-breaking new amplifiers, it is here in the small town of Ninove (Belgium) and nowhere else that a New Age of Musical Natural-Sound Reproduction has dawned. Never before, moreover, has it been possible to hear everything that’s recorded on your tape, LP or CD …. and streaming sounds better, too! And all at affordable prices!

Time to drop by for a no-strings-attached listening session, don’t you think?