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Our offer to you: High End Hifi and audio

We offer the most impressive assortment of audio, hifi-stereo and high end material ever distributed in Europe, including: the best transistor amplifiers in the world, demonstrated in six listening areas in combination with an irresistible range of loudspeakers.

Don’t spend a penny more on improving your music reproduction system – whatever it’s already cost – before you’ve heard what we’ve got lined up for you here. We wouldn’t mind betting that you simply won’t believe your ears! An absolute thrilling listening experience and something to fire all those worrying about what combination to go for.

The two most important components of any stereo/high end hifi system are naturally the amplifier and the loudspeakers. (What you connect to them – record player, CD player, radio, streamer, etc. – depends on your personal choice. But if the quality of either or both of them is lacking, you’ll never be able to achieve really good and faithful reproduction of music, no matter how much money you throw at the attempt).

Our constant concern over the past 45 years has been to seek out components offering the most musical sound (see the “History” of Sound Center). Alas, experience over those years has led us to the cautious estimate that a good 90% of all high-end equipment on the market – no matter how “weighty” or expensive – is simply incapable of providing a real, true-to-life, musical sound.

Unfortunately, the high-end world – as all other walks of life – is no stranger to enticement, deception, manipulation, indoctrination, brain-washing and fraud on a sometimes massive scale, though it costs no lives, of course. And, indeed, let those rolling in money have their bit of fun and show off with their ultra-expensive  high-end set – it keeps business moving and people in employment!

Here, now, we’ve very good news for those with a little less to jingle in their pockets, as a look at the unrivalled combinations we’re presenting will show.

Note that there’s nowhere else on the planet that you’ll find them (the final setting-up and fine-tuning takes place here!).

What do these combinations offer? Quite simply the certainty of being able to enjoy the absolute best and most musical sound on offer in the world. More even, the opportunity to hear everything – yes, everything – there is to hear on an LP, a CD or any other medium.

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NEW: LFD Integrated LEV and LFD Integrated NCSE II“Gold Signature”

We present an at least 30% enhancement of the sound quality of what are already regarded by many as “The Best Integrated Amplifiers in the World”. Discover the LFD Integrated LEV Gold Signature and the LFD Integrated NCSE II Gold Signature. Exclusively at New Soundcenter.

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LFD Integrated LE V: High End in a black box

For more than 20 years, Soundcenter distributes the high end amps of LFD, a one men’s factory in England. All LFD amplifiers are hand made by Dr. Richard Bews. We distribute these amps for a long time for only one reason: they sound amazing. The LE V is the latest integrated amplifier from the LFD family. This amp looks a lot smaller and is less complex than many other amps. That’s typical for the LFD architecture: a keep-it-simple design that results in a very musical sound.le-v

Dr. Richard Bews, proprietor of England’s LFD electronics has once again upgraded his and Dr. Malcolm O. Hawksford’s original integrated amplifier, the 65 Wpc LE,a perennial Sam Tellig favorite, owing to it’s complete lack of convenience or “luxury” features that degrade sound and add expense. To those ends, all iterations of LFD’s solid state amp have lacked balance and tone controls, headphone jacks, extra sets of speaker outputs, digital displays, and, especially, remote controls.

The LE, which Dr Richard Bews builds in small batches, provides five line-level inputs (but no phono section), and is made with only the highest quality parts, some vintage (NOS), some custom made. According to Sam Tellig, the new LE V – whose improvements all seem to arise from a combination of sturdier casework and more refined parts – “is a showstopper! I mean that literally, I didn’t want to write, I wanted to listen”. Compared to the LE IV, which Sam Tellig owns and loves, the LE V represents “a substantial improvement. Everything just fit into place, harmonics, timing, resolution”. Quoth he: “BUY YOUR LE V TODAY” (Stereophile vol 37 nr 7)


Although, the LFD integrated LE V is a good choice for many cases, sometimes you need a more robust design. If you’re driving bigger speakers, in a bigger room, it is possible you need an amplifier with more power. In that case, the LFD NCSE Mk II is the better choice. This amplifier sounds as good as the LFD LE V, but is able to handle more complex speakers, due to a bigger power supply.

More info: http://www.lfd-audio.co.uk/

Fischer&Fischer: The Sound of Nature

fischerfischer_sn270Michael Mudra and Thomas Fischer develop and build the loudspeakers of Fischer&Fischer in Germany. Because they are built in slate, they are unique both in appearence and in sound quality. Furthermore they are completely made by hand and might be the only speakers that are built in slate. This results in a very good sound quality. In contrast to wood, the design in slate doesn’t resonate and thus coloring is reduced to a minimum. You can hear every single detail in your music. The sound is very transparent.

Soundcenter is the only place in Belgium where you can hear and buy the speakers of Fischer&Fischer. Even more, we think it might be the only place in the world where you can discover the combination LFD – Fischer&Fischer. And it’s amazing. We promise you, you won’t be disappointed after hearing this combination.

More info: http://www.fischer-fischer.de/


Fischer & Fischer SN 70 : € 2800 (per pair)
Fischer & Fischer SN 170 : € 3800 (per pair)
Fischer & Fischer SN 270 : € 5500 (per pair)