Virtual Musical Reality for a Song

Virtual Musical Reality for a Song

Here, at New Sound Center, we’re scoring yet another first in the history of
electronic sound reproduction.

Nowhere else has such real- and natural-sounding reproduction equipment ever
(all the way through Hi-fi Stereo, High Fidelity and High-End) been available
and, into the bargain, available at such inexpensive prices.

Thanks to the C 37 tuning, among other things, there’s also the “wow” factor
of the brain perceiving the sound as if one was actually present at the recording

Since our listening sessions at the latest High-End Fair in Munich (10-13 May
this year), we have been forcibly brought to the simple conclusion that the
equipment available now at New Sound Center offers the most homogeneous,
natural, neutral and musical sound reproduction that one could wish for and all
for a fraction (a tenth to a twentieth) of the price you might expect. Virtual
Musical Reality for a song!

Why would you pay more, except to show that you’ve got more?

No trickery involved, as a listening session will demonstrate – call to arrange

(Nederlands) Musical High-End

Go on! Be honest …..

What wouldn’t you give for a seat in the recording studio listening live to the likes of Elvis Presley, Bob Dylan, Leonard Cohen, The Rolling Stones and The Beatles?

The chances of that are now, of course, pretty much non-existent …. but here at New Sound Center, we’ve recently developed what we can only describe as – yes –

virtual musical reality

Just close your eyes …. listen …. and you’ll be swearing
that you’re actually in the studio with your favourite artists!

A transport of delight!

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