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LFD Integrated LEV and LFD Integrated NCSEII “Gold Signature”

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High-End Hifi luidspreker

Selling High-End Hifi

Our offer to you: High End Hifi and audio We offer the most impressive assortment of audio, hifi-stereo and high end material ever distributed in Europe, including: the best transistor amplifiers in the world, demonstrated in six listening areas in combination with an irresistible range of loudspeakers. Don’t spend a penny...
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Home Audio Integration

At Soundcenter we give you free advice if you have questions about Hi-Fi, High-End or Home Cinema systems. We can answer specific questions about AMPLIFIERS, LOUDSPEAKERS, TURNTABLES, CD PLAYERS, TUNERS, etc. Please don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any question about your HIFI setup or musical experience at...
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Professional Audio installations

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About us

At New Soundcenter you’ll find MUSICAL SOUND TO DIE FOR!

Our specialty at Soundcenter is providing the best musical experience at home. Therefore, we’re continue searching for the best High-End Audio equipment in the world.

We retail Audio equipment from many manufacturers, like LFD (UK), Fischer&Fischer (Germany), ME Geithain (Germany), ELAC (Germany), Creek Audio (UK), etc.

Our shop is located at Oustrijdersplein 4, 9400 Ninove (Belgium). We are opened daily by appointment.

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Experiences with LFD

I was able to hear many fine amps including the likes of DNM, Krell, Audio Innovations, Levinson, Roksan, Audio Research, Dcltec, Classé, Chord, Conrad Johnson and Finestra. But only when I heard the LFD amplifier, did I really hear those qualities that I, as a musician and avid listener, know Live music possesses. 

Perfect Customer Service!

Dear Raf, First of all, thanks once again for the service this week, that I was able – without any obligation – to test the equipment at home and, moreover, to worry you at any time of the day with no matter what question. That ‘The Customer is King’ with you is manifestly clear!

LFD DAC5 SE Golden Signature

Using the analogy of "electrifying" doesn't even begin to describe the impact of the performance of the DAC 5SE GS. One is given a new awareness of the "colour" of the instruments, one hears details that were inaudible before. More important, a bad recording - we all know them! - becomes bearable, even good; a good recording becomes sublime, magical, with the sound made tangible.