Exclusive World first!


After nearly fifty years of testing, listening to and evaluating innumerable amplifiers, loudspeakers, cables, etc. to offer the very best to our customers at affordable prices,
 we’re still looking ever forward here at New Sound Center.

So much so, indeed, that we’ve spent the past three years in setting up a pan-European project, directed from Flanders in Belgium and hand-in-hand with our industry’s most skilled and inventive designers and builders currently in England and Germany.

The result?
A seismic shift in the listening experience
– more, even, a totally new musical experience for both the living-room and the studio that simply consigns Hi-Fi Stereo and High-End to the dustbin.

Virtual Musical Reality
Authentic, 3-D, holographic, natural-to-the-ear, musical sound reproduction

 Listening now, you’ll swear that your favourite singer, instrumentalist or orchestra is performing right there with you in your living-room, or that you’re actually present at the recording session.                  

We dare to say that at least 35% of what is recorded on a music carrier (tape, CD, LP, streamer or no matter what) was previously inaudible. Now, though – quite literally – you can hear pretty well everything that’s on the carrier, including the harmonics (first, second, third and beyond), over and above the fundamental. And the sound is natural, musical and authentic. At last, we can hear the true voice of both instrument and singer, pure and unadulterated.
Listening, too, is effortless, even for hours on end and even for those with hearing problems.

Come and revel in this exclusive world first with us – revolutionize your listening experience!
Simply call 00 32 479 369462 to reserve your session.

*By the way, prices are very much more reasonable that you would expect
and in inverse ratio to the level of musicality.

‘New Sound’ Center

The only outlet in the whole, wide world
able to offer you the full gamut of

Virtual Musical Reality*products

(*VMR, for short – Authentic, 3-D, holographic, natural-to-the-ear, musical sound reproduction)

P.S. Our ‘Hi-Fi Stereo’ and ‘High-End’ business service and support of course continue unabated.

Virtual Musical Reality


It’s a virtual racing certainty.
Nowhere will you hear more natural and musical

 than at

         1) from no matter what music carrier;
         2) on no matter what music-reproduction installation;
         3) no matter what budget you might have in mind.

         Three points worth considering, don’t you think?


Years of casting around, discovering, testing and listening to combination after combination of countless pieces of apparatus – from the comfortably affordable to the painfully expensive – allow us to feel that we’re pretty well placed to debunk a few myths.

The prime myth is “the more expensive, the better”.
Alas, the reverse is often the case. It is not because you have opted for – literally and metaphorically – “weightier” amplifiers that you are guaranteed a better sound.

Other  myths are “the more loudspeakers per box or the more expensive the box, the better”; “the thicker and more expensive the wiring, the  better”. Simply not true.

Always remember that the design label or design beauty – however seductive – is no guarantee of a better sound.  ..… disappointment on this score is widespread! Moreover, the “big” names and labels do not necessarily produce the most musical apparatus.

And never forget that the specialist publications share common cause with the manufacturers. Much of the time spent perusing those publications could be better spent on actual, comparative, listening sessions ….. which is where NEW SOUND CENTER – the place to be – comes in!

Here, we’ve made a point of organizing such sessions, running amplifiers costing between 20,000 and 60,000 euros against our LFD amplifiers (costing from 3000 to 5000 euros). Blind-testing has shown the choice invariably falling on the LFDs.


(Without necessarily making the claim, of course, but could it be that NEW SOUND CENTER in Ninove has become the most exclusive High-End outlet in the world?)


Drop by for a session and experience the new,
High-End Musical Reality
for yourself!
We’d be honoured.


a New Age of Musical Sound Reproduction

New Sound Center’s

ground-breaking new amplifiers

a New Age


Musical Sound Reproduction

Recently developed technology means it is now possible to achieve 3-D Holographic, virtually 100% musical natural-sound reproduction in your own home.

Never before, moreover, has it been possible to hear everything – YES, everything – that’s recorded on your tape, LP or CD ….

and streaming sounds better, too!

In other words, if you’re looking for absolute, never-before-heard musical sound reproduction, New Sound Center is where you need to be!

The icing on the cake is that these amps are all very affordable.

What, for example, would you say about an amp costing between 2,500 and 3,000 euros that has proved itself much better and more musical than amps costing five, ten, twenty and more times as much?

The fact is that what we are currently offering not only takes you into a New Age of Musical Sound Reproduction, but also enables you to make savings of 10,000 … 20,000 … 40,000 … 80,000 … and more euros on your budget.

Time to drop by for a no-strings-attached listening session, don’t you think?

Virtual Musical Reality for a Song

Virtual Musical Reality for a Song

Here, at New Sound Center, we’re scoring yet another first in the history of
electronic sound reproduction.

Nowhere else has such real- and natural-sounding reproduction equipment ever
(all the way through Hi-fi Stereo, High Fidelity and High-End) been available
and, into the bargain, available at such inexpensive prices.

Thanks to the C 37 tuning, among other things, there’s also the “wow” factor
of the brain perceiving the sound as if one was actually present at the recording

Since our listening sessions at the latest High-End Fair in Munich (10-13 May
this year), we have been forcibly brought to the simple conclusion that the
equipment available now at New Sound Center offers the most homogeneous,
natural, neutral and musical sound reproduction that one could wish for and all
for a fraction (a tenth to a twentieth) of the price you might expect. Virtual
Musical Reality for a song!

Why would you pay more, except to show that you’ve got more?

No trickery involved, as a listening session will demonstrate – call to arrange