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LFD Integrated LEV en LFD Integrated NCSEII “Gold Signature”

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LFD NCSE II Gold Signature Intagrated Amplifier

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Wat hebben wij u te bieden? High End Hifi en Audio Wij bieden het meest impressionante assortiment van audio, hifi-stereo en high end materiaal in Europa, hierbij inbegrepen één van de beste geïntegreerde transistorversterkers ter wereld. Kom dit alles ontdekken in één van onze zes luisterruimtes in combinatie met een...
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Onze ‘Best Buy’ High End Sets Sommige mensen geven meer dan € 50.000 uit aan hun high end set. Helaas kwamen zij niet eerst bij ons luisteren. Met LFD Audio, Fischer&Fischer en ME Geithain hebben wij immers een aantal merken in huis gehaald die aan muziekweergave een nieuwe dimensie geven....
LFD integrated amplifier

LFD Integrated “Gold Signature”

LFD Integrated LE V and LFD Integrated NCSE II “Gold Signature” I FEEL AS THOUGH I’VE BEEN HIT BY A LONDON BUS! There I was, just a few months ago, madly trumpeting our latest LFD offerings as the most musical amplifiers ever and as knocking the competition into a cocked...

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Bij New Soundcenter maken we er ons vak van om u de best mogelijke muzikale ervaring bij u thuis te laten beleven. Daarvoor zijn we continu op zoek naar de beste High End Hifi en audio componenten die er te vinden zijn.

U kunt bij ons terecht voor advies en aankoop van een hifi systeem. We verdelen verschillende Europese hifi merken, waaronder LFD, Sugden, Fischer&Fischer, ME Geithain, Elac, Creek Audio, Cambridge Audio, Rega, Pro-Ject, enzovoort.

Verder bieden we ook audiovisuele oplossingen op maat. Gaat u bouwen of verbouwen en wil u kunnen genieten van een maximaal audiovisueel comfort, aarzel dan niet om ons te contacteren. Van muziek streamen over Bluetooth tot multiroom oplossingen, we geven u graag advies.

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Experiences with LFD

I'm writing to tell you of my recent experiences in choosing a high-end amplifier for my system, which I thought might be of interest to any reader looking in the mid to high-end ranges.  Being thorough and thanks to the patient help, of dealer and friends, I was able to hear many fine amps including the likes of DNM, Krell, Audio Innovations, Levinson, Roksan, Audio Research, Dcltec, Classé, Chord, Conrad Johnson and Finestra.  But only when I heard the LFD amplifier, reviewed elsewhere, as a 'state of the art' by Martin Colloms and originating from the highly respected Essex University team of Dr Malcolm Hawksford (see his HFNIRR article in May '88) and LFD proprietor Dr Richard Bews) did I really hear those qualities that I, as a musician and avid listener, know Live music possesses. 

Elac BS403

Dear Raf, First of all, thanks once again for the service this week, that I was able – without any obligation – to test the equipment at home and, moreover, to worry you at any time of the day with no matter what question. That ‘The Customer is King’ with you is manifestly clear! Here, briefly, are my findings, which might be useful for others. After three years with the  Harbeth P3ESR, I was looking to switch to a monitor (or compact floor model) of a somewhat more seasoned calibre. The P3ESR is a fine loudspeaker, but it has its limitations. And so a rendez-vous to come and listen to the bigger Harbeths – Monitor 30, 30.1, Compact 7ES3, Super HL5, although you naturally had more to offer in that price category and it would have been daft not to weigh up all the options. Various models and brands came in for consideration, but one doesn’t easily abandon the ‘Harbeth sound’, even though there was indeed something that gave rise to doubt – namely the new 400 series from Elac, unknown to me till then. You had no objection to me taking a couple of models home to listen to for a day or so – super! –and the Harbeth Monitor 30 and the BS 403 duly strutted their stuff there. At home, there was more scope to pick out the differences and the choice was soon made. After an hour, the Harbeths went back into the box. They remain good loudspeakers, otherwise one wouldn’t have spent three years with them. Their enormous attraction is their ‘natural sound’. To my mind, though, the Elacs takes us to a higher level in this respect. The natural middle range remains intact, full, but with, as it were, still less colouring. The upper range is more refined, without any hint of sharpness; and the lower range is drier and has greater depth; furthermore, they sound balanced. Where the recording permits, they also sound more spacious, and the stereo effect holds together well over a wide space. They also have more dynamic capacities – at no time is the sound a blur. And they maintain their balance, whether the sound is quiet or loud – a pretty important consideration. Furthermore, they’re no bigger than the P3ESR, whereas the Monitor 30 (and the still bigger models from Harbeth) are somewhat cumbersome. The fact is that these are the first speakers where I have not found it necessary to fiddle with a signal processor to get the balance right. I’m indeed looking forward to giving them house space!

LFD Integrated LE IV

Dear Raf, The first big surprise for me was that, four years after my first purchase at your place (the LFD Silver Signature amplifier), you immediately recognized me when I asked you what tuner I ought to connect to my amplifier (the one we eventually opted for was the ‘Creek, Destiny 2). The second surprise was your suggestion that I sell my ‘old’ amplifier and switch to the LFD Integrated LE Mark IV. I was more than satisfied with my LFD Silver Signature, but once I had heard the new one, it was really difficult to refuse your very attractive offer. The difference between the LFD Silver Signature and the Mark IV is really pretty substantial.  The Mark IV’s sound is much more open and, in particular, has much more depth than that of the Silver Signature. To put it another way, the sound zone that the Mark IV creates is much greater than that created by my previous amplifier, something that is immediately apparent when listening. The projection into the zone is very, very good, even though this has also to do with the speakers. My speakers are about 24 years old (JM Lab 706 Opale), but their performance with this amplifier is fantastic. When I listened at home, I had the real impression that, for the very first time – believe me – they were at last able to perform at the level that could be expected of them. I had never actually experienced that feeling before. Above anything else, the amplifier produces extremely coherent, beautiful and finely articulated basses – finely to an acute degree – without any accompanying shrillness or stridency in the medium or top ranges. That is something that, in many instances, one hears only in the concert hall. Now, though, I can hear it in my own home, too. That’s simply glorious. What I’m also experiencing is that (at last, after so many years) I can sit right within the sound; of course, the sound is being projected towards one, but there is nevertheless a factor that gives one a certain feeling of being right in the middle of the sound, just as in the good concert halls. In short, I’m highly satisfied and super delighted that I’ve made the switch from the LFD Silver Signature to the LFD Integrated LE Mark IV. Very best wishes and till ....