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Our offer

What can we offer to you in our High-End shop … Don’t spend a penny more on improving your music reproduction system – whatever it’s already cost – before you’ve heard what we’ve got lined up for you here. We wouldn’t mind betting that you simply won’t believe your ears! An absolute...

Top High-End products

LFD Integrated LE V For more than 20 years, Soundcenter distributes the amps of LFD, a one men’s factory in England. All LFD amplifiers are hand made by Dr. Richard Bews. We distribute these amps for a long time for only one reason: they sound amazing. The LE V is the latest...

Our history

Soundcenter has been your partner in High-End audio equipment for more than 40 years. Raphaël Persoons started Soundcenter in 1974 as a little High-End Stereo store at his home. The business became very successful after a few years thanks to his great passion for music reproduction and his broad knowledge...

About us

At Soundcenter you’ll find MUSICAL SOUND TO DIE FOR!

Our specialty at Soundcenter is providing the best musical experience at home. Therefore, we’re continue searching for the best High-End Audio equipment in the world.

We retail Audio equipment from many Western manufacturers, like LFD (UK), Fischer&Fischer (Germany), ME Geithain (Germany), ELAC (Germany), Creek Audio (UK), etc.

Our shop is located at Oustrijdersplein 4, 9400 Ninove (Belgium). We are opened daily at appointment.

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